Dayton Pediatric Dentistry in Dayton, Ohio offers an array of services to ensure that our young patients have smiles that impress! Our pediatric dental practice offers everything from routine cleanings and preventive dentistry to crowns, fillings, space maintenance and dental emergencies. We want your child to receive the highest quality care with the treatment plan that makes sense for your child and family. Our services are designed to be relaxed and engaging for children that may be afraid to go to the dentist so that you can have peace of mind when your child is visiting us. Along with our services, we make sure that our patients and parents are well educated on how to care for tiny teeth!

Cleaning and Exams

A large portion of our services at Dayton Pediatric Dentistry are about routine maintenance and education for our small patients. Cleanings and exams should be conducted twice annually, but may be more frequent depending on the state of your child’s oral health. Cleaning and exams are a great opportunity for Dr. Hensley and the team to build rapport with the patient and help them to understand the importance of oral health and keep your kiddos smiling bright!

Dental Sealants

Sugary foods and drinks leave kids at risk of caries (cavities), inflammation and disease. Protective dental sealants are a quick and easy process to help keep teeth healthy through a protective coating. Dental sealants are a common procedure that keeps young mouths healthy!

Fillings, Crowns & Extractions

It’s no surprise that baby teeth are susceptible to cavities and decay. Even though these teeth aren’t permanent, they are still critical to care for to maintain good oral and overall health! Brushing and flossing regularly as well as staying away from sugary foods help prevent cavities, but in some cases a filling, crown or extraction may be necessary. A filling, crown or extraction is a quick procedure, but sometimes it can be portrayed as scary or painful. The team at Dayton Pediatric Dentistry is no stranger to these procedures and we are experts at ensuring the process will be painless and easy for your child.

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Space Maintenance

Sometimes a baby tooth can be lost from decay or trauma. When this happens, teeth can begin to shift. In this situation, our team will use space maintainers to make sure that permanent teeth erupt or come in properly. Space maintainers can prevent crooked teeth and crowding, possibly saving you and your child from orthodontics later in life.

Emergency Dental Care

If your child is experiencing an emergency that is life-threatening or involves areas of the body other than the mouth, please call 911 or take them to the nearest emergency room. One of the scariest moments for a parent is the injury of their child. Unfortunately, the nature of childhood leaves kids prone to bumps, bruises and of course dental trauma and injury.

Sports injuries, playground mishaps, falls and objects placed in the mouth are the most commonly occurring emergencies. When these instances occur, it’s always best to stay calm.

At Dayton Pediatric Dentistry we will make ourselves available in the event that your child needs dental attention immediately. Our team knows that swift and corrective treatment of a patient may help save their tooth as well as prevent dental complications in the future.

If there is an emergency tooth loss and it is a permanent tooth, locate it. Handle it only by the crown and not the root. If possible, try to replace the tooth into the vacant spot in the mouth. If the tooth cannot be fit back into the spot from which it was lost, place it in a glass of milk and call Dayton Pediatric Dentistry Immediately.

If a baby tooth has been lost, it’s best to leave it for the tooth fairy. If it was lost in an accident, it is recommended that you do schedule an appointment to confirm there has been no nerve damage or tooth fragments remaining.

Special Needs Dental Care

Patients with special needs are an important part of our practice! At Dayton Pediatric Dentistry, we know that children with special needs may have extra challenges in maintaining their dental care or visiting us at our office.

Even if your child has significant physical or cognitive challenges that make dental care difficult, the team at Dayton Pediatric Dentistry is prepared to create custom treatment and treatment plans for your child and their dental hygiene routine. Dr. Kyle and his highly-skilled team have the experience and the resources to treat every child.

Many kids with special needs suffer from decay and/or gum disease due to limited dental care. They are also much more susceptible to dental trauma. We have solutions to help protect your child’s dental needs and support you to keep them at their healthiest.

We are committed to individualized attention and care for all of our little patients, but most importantly, our special needs children who can be sensitive to light, sound, motion and touch. We make sure to discuss the best way to approach and work with your child. We know how important a relaxed, comfortable environment can be. Our attentive team will remain vigilant in maintaining your child’s comfort.

Making sure our special needs patients are consistent in their visits helps our team to build and maintain healthy, happy relationships with the children we treat. This also makes dental care an exciting and fun event and creates healthy habits for the future.